A Quick Update

Hello Everyone,

I am getting back into writing blogs. Sorry to my diehard fans for not publishing any blogs for the longest time :). Lubrication Engineers of Canada (LE) went through many changes in the past year. We are sorry to inform you that our beloved colleague Dan passed away last year after he retired from LE. Dan left us all with a wealth of knowledge in lubrication and reliability and he will be dearly missed!

We hired another person at our facility in Oakville, ON, so now there are two outside and one inside reps and as you can imagine we have been keeping busy covering all of Canada. Currently, we have a young team at LE, so last year, we were busy with training and building new relationships with suppliers and distributors.

With a few years of experience under my belt, I have now started conducting my own training sessions for my distributors and existing and potential customers. It turns out that training is a great way to find a customer’s need. There are a lot of companies out there that are looking for partners in order to help them reach their reliability goals and that exactly what we do. It perfectly aligns with our vision. We help companies manage their Lubrication management program from Phase 1 to 7 where we conduct lube audits, set up contamination free lube room, help them with contamination exclusion and removal, and set up their oil analysis program.

Well anyways, I have to end it here but I will leave with a promise of publishing one blog every month!

-Blog by Birju shah

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