Consultative Approach to Selling

I have been busy past couple of months travelling to Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. As I mentioned in our last blog, I started conducting training sessions at different companies. I have found that it’s a great way to introduce and build relationships with prospective companies. For the first time, I conducted training in a lecture hall in front of more than 20 people. I did get some tough questions but questions meant the audience liked the topics and listened and took interest in them. This training was a success, as after the training, I talked to a few people regarding their specific needs and also got questions via email a couple days after the training. I am not sure whether this training will convert into sale but I am planning to do these sessions more often. I want to build our business using this technique and create an image of a consultant or partner rather than a sales person. Looking at their problems and having confidence in our product line, I am sure we will be able to reduce some of their inefficiencies. If you would like a glimpse of the training session I did, you can view it at this link:

-Blog by Birju shah

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