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A Reminder About Compatibility

Ever notice how conversation flows easily with some people, while it can be an awkward exchange of words with others? The former probably includes synchronous body language and reactions that build off the other person. The latter, however, is like dragging a stick through the … Continue reading

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Lubricants: the root of the problem

Being a new hire here at LE, these past 2 months have brought a wealth of information to someone otherwise unfamiliar with the importance of oils and greases. I have been conducting and compiling data from lubricant surveys and one … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Equipment Reliability

Many industrial lubricant experts use the analogy of blood in a human body to describe the purpose of lubricants in machinery and how it can enhance reliability. Contamination is probably the biggest cause of failures in machinery. Similar to blood, … Continue reading

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An Automatic Lubrication System for Solid Lubricants

In many industries, chains are used to run conveyors on the oven/dryer. Proper lubrication of those chains means extended chain life, lower energy cost, and higher production rate. To lubricate oven chains, there are two options 1) Fluid Film Lubrication … Continue reading

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Is Your Engine Oil Really Synthetic?

During our sales meeting, I came across an interesting fact: all the engine oil that is marketed as synthetic is not actually synthetic. A good definition of synthetic oil is “noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process … Continue reading

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